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Guide others to achieve excellent health

biblical wellness coach:

someone who is trained and devoted to guiding others with a biblical perspective into increased competence, commitment, and confidence

Have you reaped the benefits of Annette's teachings? Do you wish you could guide others toward change in accordance with God’s Word? Now you can!

A Biblical Wellness Coach is a person who helps others be victorious in their health - physically and spiritually!

A Biblical Wellness Coach uses proven coaching methods that creates transformations for your clients.

The Biblical Wellness Coach helps people turn potential into reality.

It is our desire to train people, like you, to be Biblical Wellness Coaches. We pray you join us in the movement to help people finish this race well and live out their potential for the true abundant life through Jesus Christ.

Our health impacts every area of our life. But when it comes to getting fit, changing old habits, or improving our emotional wellbeing, making changes is not always easy to do. And Christians tend to cover this with guilt.

Having someone to support you to reach biblical wellness goals with a program can make a big difference.

Becoming a Biblical Wellness Coach means you serve as a specialist guide for clients to connect with on their wellness journey. As opposed to health coaching, which is limited to physical health, Biblical Wellness Coaches guide clients, providing support and accountability to help their clients reach their goals and make lasting positive lifestyle changes.

If you only want to focus on helping people with their physical health, get a health coach certification—but if you want to help people with their health physically and spiritually, you’ll be more satisfied as a Biblical Wellness Coach.

Training Includes

  • 6 Months or more of learning at your own pace in your preferred location.
  • Learning Wellness Programs and Coaching Programs that work.
  • Webinars for learning and testing skills.
  • Group learning and Peer-to-Peer Learning
  • Experiential Learning
  • On-The-Go Training in these areas:
    • What is Coaching
    • Learn the Skills that Help Clients Achieve Transformation In Less Time
    • Learn How To Reach Goals
    • Where Does the Bible Fit In?
    • Coaching Through Obstacles
    • Coaching For Action
Annette Reeder Coach Trainer

People today are suffering.

Depression, anxiety, post abortion regret, weight challenges, pain issues, fear, and loss of hope.

As a Biblical Wellness Coach we train you how to help people recognize the problem and discover the solution. A solution that fits each individual client!  This is not a cookie cutter approach to dwell on the past. This is a biblical approach to share the hope and glory of our Lord Jesus Christ while giving inspiration and hope to those ready to live out completely the Abundant Life.
This Abundant Life is the plan God has for them yet the world we live in stifles progress, and leaves people in remorse for what might have been.

Today we are training coaches to help people break free! Free indeed! 

Become a Biblical Wellness Coach

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