Who Is The Biblical Nutritionist?

"I am here for one purpose, to awaken you to the simple vibrant health that God has designed for you!" - Annette

International Speaker

Annette Reeder speaks internationally with the engaging message of God's recipe for excellent health. In this powerful message she will delight your appetite with how God’s food bring together fellowship, nourishment and glorifying satisfaction.

Her speaking has been part of the Lifeway’s dot MOM conference, Body & Soul Conferences, Teach Them Diligently Conferences, Losing to Live Video Series, Joyce Meyer Ministry, Fort Leonardwood and Fort Lee Military Bases, the Flavor of Grace Conference plus churches all across the United States.

Training & Specialization

Annette's knowledge and training include: Bachelors in Nutrition Health Sciences and diploma in Biblical Studies. Plus certifications in Metabolic Balance, Amen Brain Health Certification, and Gut Dysbiosis Certification add to the message we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Everyone will be inspired and encouraged to recognize how much they are loved by God and their bodies were created to heal.

Say goodbye to cravings for food and say hello to craving more of God.

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Serving You God's Recipe For Excellent Health

Join me on this journey and discover the abundance God has for you!

Best-Selling Author

Get all the help you need to reach abundant life! Take the next step in your journey to all that the Father has for you! Visit my library of books.

Biblical Health Coach

Annette is passionate about sharing what she's learned regarding caring for our spiritual and physical body. Learn more from her Biblical Health courses.

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From Biblical Health Q&As, nutritious recipes, grocery shopping tips, and insightful interviews, Annette helps you achieve physical and spiritual health.

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