Lead a Wellness Revolution

Share body & soul victory
 with a Biblical Wellness Ministry!

Did you know that...

55% of professing Christians are concerned that they eat too much (Source)


Only 33% of Christian young adults feel that they are truly cared for (Source)


38% of Pastors thought about quitting in 2021 (Source)


What Is A Biblical Wellness Ministry?

A Biblical Wellness Ministry is an outreach designed to bring God's recipe of excellent health to churches and ministries around the globe.

Sadly, many Christians are suffering from illness, depression, and being overweight. By creating a Biblical Wellness Ministry in YOUR church, you can share healing, freedom from addiction, and the joy of fasting! 

Through Bible studies on the Daniel Fast, Fasting for Physical & Spiritual Freedom, plus cooking classes, we bring the fun and flavor back into gaining health.

Church members will be delighting in the freedom of greater wellness and ability to be on mission.

Man's wisdom is always changing. Annette's teachings take you back to the Bible to seek God for His divine design for eating and health! And God's Word never changes!

Courses To Transform Your Life

Food is in Scripture! 
From Genesis to Revelation discover how God designed food for healing and nourishment.
Learn 3 Principles for physical and spiritual health.

The Daniel Fast
Coming Soon! 


Daniel fasted for clarity and God's answer.
Today we can do the same.

Join the millions of people who see God at work in a fresh new way as you go through the Daniel Fast.

Cooking Classes
Coming Soon!

cooking classes

Learn God's Recipe for Excellent Health - through a fabulous fun foodie event.

Enjoy cooking classes that teach nourishment and Biblical truths.

Coming Soon!


Freedom - is the purpose of fasting. What we hunger for is what we worship. Are you ready for God's Word to speak to you more vibrantly? Then this fasting course is the answer for your ministry! 

Join the THOUSANDS Whose Lives Have Changed!

Invest In Yourself This Year

Our health impacts every area of our life. But when it comes to getting fit, changing old habits, or improving our emotional wellbeing, making changes is not easy.

With our help YOUR church or ministry can experience the freedom of a healthy life!

Together we can encourage, educate and inspire The Church to finish this race well.
This is for all ages!

Become A Biblical Wellness Ambassador

Are you ready to lead a transformation in your church or ministry?

The Ambassador program is all the resources you need to get started! The Church is hurting and God's recipe for excellent health is the answer.

Lead A Wellness revolution

If you are ready to be on the frontline of wellness from a biblical perspective then becoming a Biblical Wellness Coach is the answer.

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Our Team 

who is the biblical nutritonist

annette reeder

the biblical nutritionist


carol graham

prayer coach


rhonda carroll

meal prep coach

Donate to Make this Outreach Possible

Helping those on the front line such as pastors, missionaries and pastor's wives has been on my heart for years. Getting it off the ground has been a big financial endeavor.

We need your help. Financial gifts will help us design, launch and implement this amazing program needed by so many. There are thousands of pastors who desire better health. We have the link to make it happen. Yet, we need your assistance and charitable gifts to see it happen.

It is our mission to make all options affordable. Your continued donations will help us launch and allow these outreaches to continue!

Thank you for praying as we follow God's next step for this ministry! Thank you for your generous support!

The Biblical Nutritionist on YouTube

Explore a wide variety of physical, Spiritual, and mental health topics on YouTube!

Biblical Nutrition Academy

A special online course platform that teaches health from God's perspective!


After putting my health on the back burner for years due to a hectic ministry and work schedule, I began to search for a Biblically-based wellness program to help my congregation and myself find better health. Through that search, I came across Annette Reeder. She gave me resources to be successful through the Biblical Nutrition Academy and one on one coaching.

Pastor Jake

Pastor for over 25 years

Anette Reeder has dedicated herself to the wellness not just of body but of spirit. 

Personally, You are one of the most remarkable people we have hosted on our First Friday Shabbats. Your understanding of biblical foods is truly incredible. I love how you bring together the nutritional value and spiritual value of the foods you discuss.

Mark Jenkins

CEO Hope For Israel

Annette Reeder is remarkable! I have been privileged to know and partner with her for many years. Her character is top notch. She is a reliable and knowledgeable source on what the Bible says about health and wellness.
I highly recommend Annette Reeder. She is a valuable member of the body of Christ. My prayer is that God will use her far and wide!

Pastor Steve

Lead Pastor of Capital Baptist Church in Annandale, VA

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