What Is A Biblical Wellness Ministry?

A Biblical Wellness Ministry is an outreach designed to bring God's gift of excellent health to churches across the world. Sadly, many Christians are suffering from illness, depression, and being overweight. By creating a Biblical Wellness Ministry in YOUR church, you can share healing, freedom from addiction, and the joy of fasting! 

Man's wisdom is always changing. Annette's teachings take you back to the Bible to seek God for His divine design for eating and health!

Did you know that...

55% of professing Christians are concerned that they eat too much (Source)


Only 33% of Christian young adults feel that they are truly cared for (Source)


38% of Pastors thought about quitting in 2021 (Source)


Programs We Offer

Our health impacts every area of our life. But when it comes to getting fit, changing old habits, or improving our emotional wellbeing, making changes is not always easy to do.

With our help YOUR church can experience the freedom of a healthy life!

Pastor Wellness Coaching

A safe haven for personal transformation! Private pastors only coaching group with Annette.

Ambassador Resources

Receive the study tools you need to teach groups of all sizes God's recipe for excellent health!

Coaching Training

Learning Wellness Programs and Coaching Programs to help people turn potential into reality!

The Biblical Nutritionist on YouTube

Explore a wide variety of physical, Spiritual, and mental health topics on YouTube!

Biblical Nutrition Academy

A special online course platform that teaches health from God's perspective!

Our Team Members

who is the biblical nutritonist

annette reeder

the biblical nutritionist


carol graham

prayer coach


rhonda carroll

meal prep coach


Just wanted to say how much I appreciate you Annette just started the 40 Days course and really loving it finally things at last are making sense. So highly recommend these videos and your 40 days course. Thank you.

I really enjoy your books and videos. I am always trying to look for a new recipe in your cookbook.  I want to say Thank You I have made some small changes with food, eating, and I am more aware of what I am putting in my mouth.  I have a long way to go, but with God all things are possible!!


I never thought to do the Daniel fast until I came across your channel. So grateful that I did because after many years of knee pain I couldn’t run like I use to. Then when I started the Daniel fast within a couple days no inflammation! Praise God! I’m running like I use to years ago now. This definitely also helped my walk with the Lord in submitting and surrendering to Him during the fast.


I was diagnosed with liver cancer in December of 2019. After surgery, chemo and then COVID I have been praying for knowledge and wisdom. God answered my prayers by bringing people in to my life with the knowledge I was searching for. One of them being you. Six months ago they found another mass in my belly. Yesterday I had another MRI. I have changed my eating habits and other things. The MRI yesterday did not detect that new mass and the original tumor in my liver is shrinking. It was not surgically removed just microwave ablation. I am jumping and praising God for all of this. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge on YouTube and for your books. I just received my Mockmill and am waiting for my grains to be delivered this week. I would love to meet you some day and thank you in person.