Share God's Plan for Health & Vibrant Living with your Community!

Todays churches are sad, sick, and overweight - it's time to bring them hope and healing!

Using His Word from Genesis to Revelation as a treasure map, teach your group the joy of healthy living!

Unveil God's Health Plan!

Does food really matter? When Annette Reeder, the Biblical Nutritionist,  searched scripture, she was shocked to find hundreds of references to food.

This study shows why food matters and how changing eating habits transforms lives!

Teach groups to dive into God’s Word & modern science to discover the truth about food!

Weekly In-Depth Teaching

Treasures Of Healthy Living Bible Study Includes:

(1) Discovering the Treasure
(2) Sipping the Treasures: Beverages
(3) Grains
(4) Vegetables & Fruits
(5) Herbs, Spices, Oil & Vinegar
(6) Protein & Meat
(7) Fasting & Self-control
(8) Sweets
(9) Environment & Toxins
(10) Stress & Forgiveness
(11) Exercise
(12) The Fullness of Christ

How To Begin

Bring healthful and healing truths to God’s people!

These programs are tailor-made for church members to teach in small group/Bible Study settings.

Purchase the course bundle of your choice and get all the materials necessary to lead! 

  • Basic Bundle includes all 3 Student Books, a Leader Guide, and Video Access!
  • Premium Bundle includes all basic items plus a variety of extra books and tools!

Participants will need to buy their own books for the class. 

Launch a Biblical Wellness Revolution in your church with Treasures Of Healthy Living!



Wife & Mom

“I really enjoy your books and videos. I am always trying to look for a new recipe in your cookbook. I want to say Thank You. I have made small changes with food, eating, and I am more aware of what I am putting in my mouth. I have a long way to go, but with God, all things are possible!"


Mom & Entrepreneur

So newsflash: I ate a bar cookie from a recipe I used to really like. But as I chewed it, I almost want to spit it out. It was made with Butter flavored Crisco. After months of good, wholesome eating, my palate has become so sensitive and discerning that the chemical taste of the Crisco was revolting. Now. There’s a “taste-timony.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is THL appropriate for a small group?

THL is written in a format that works well for small and large groups. It is very adaptable and will work great for whatever size group you have.

Does THL take a lot of preparation for the Bible Study leader?

THL Bible study will take more preparation in the beginning as you will need to prepare yourself through prayer and study. But Annette has done a great job mapping out your journey through the Bible study to give you all the tools that you need to make your study a great success. She gives you wonderful step by step instructions to help you each week. As you work through the study, your group will hopefully begin to catch the vision and excitement of how much God loves us and cares about our health. 

How can I motivate people to come to the THL Bible Study?

First of all, pray. Then pray some more. Then just be creative. A big key is the food. Most people love coming to things where food is involved. THL Bible study allows everyone to sample food that goes along with that week’s lesson. It can also be a great place to share new recipes and try things that you may not have tried before. 

If you are doing the study at your church, make fun little videos to show during the announcements. Make fun food samples to have at your sign-up table. Start a Facebook group. You can post reminders, words of encouragement, etc. 

What if I am not an experienced cook, can I still lead a THL Bible study?

Yes! Each week there is a snack recommendation to go along with the lesson. The recipes are found in the THL cookbook and are very easy to follow and prepare. As you get further into the study, you can let others in your group volunteer to prepare and bring the snack for that week. 

What if I am not very good a public speaker?

One of the great things about the THL Bible study is the wonderfully made videos. Leave the teaching to Annette. She has done an excellent job with the videos and there are hand outs for each lesson that are found in the leader’s book.

Do I have to be an RN, Dietician or medical professional to lead this study?

No, this study is designed for anyone with or without prior medical knowledge to lead it.  This is more about understanding God’s design than it is about medical terminology.