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Achieve BETTER physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.
To Serve Well ~ You Must Be Well

Pastors Bear the Weight of the World on Their Shoulders
And it CAN be a physical BURDEN... Until NOW!

of Pastors Are Depressed
are Overweight
are Ready To Quit

Only One in Three Pastors Is Considered “Healthy” in Terms of Well-Being. Barna has long been checking in on pastor’s well-being, even assessing their burnout risk in 2017’s The State of Pastors.

More recently, October 2021 data show that many pastors are not faring well in multiple categories of well-being, including spiritual, physical, emotional, vocational and financial.

Start Today with Biblical Nutritionist Annette Reeder
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To Serve WELL - You Must BE Well

Personal Coaching Includes

  • Bi-weekly Coaching calls
  • A Program That Addresses Your Needs
  • Privacy
  • Coaching to help you discover what is hindering your health and how to overcome
  • Tools for a Lifetime of Wellness
  • Encouragement
  • A Safe Haven For A Personal Transformation
  • Someone Who Understands

PLUS ~ Inner Circle is Included

  • Our Complete Inner Circle Membership
  • Over 300 hours of nutrition, prayer, meal and health topics to choose from
  • Privacy
  • Coaching Calls to Join 3 Times per Week - Optional
  • Biblical Coaching - Means God's Word is the ultimate Truth.

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After putting my health on the back burner for years due to a hectic ministry and work schedule, I began to search for a Biblically-based wellness program to help my congregation and myself find better health. Through that search, I came across Annette Reeder. She gave me resources to be successful through the Biblical Nutrition Academy and one on one coaching.

Pastor Jake

Pastor for over 25 years

Anette Reeder has dedicated herself to the wellness not just of body but of spirit. 

Personally, You are one of the most remarkable people we have hosted on our First Friday Shabbats. Your understanding of biblical foods is truly incredible. I love how you bring together the nutritional value and spiritual value of the foods you discuss.

Mark Jenkins

CEO Hope For Israel

Annette Reeder is remarkable! I have been privileged to know and partner with her for many years. Her character is top notch. She is a reliable and knowledgeable source on what the Bible says about health and wellness.
I highly recommend Annette Reeder. She is a valuable member of the body of Christ. My prayer is that God will use her far and wide!

Pastor Steve

Lead Pastor of Capital Baptist Church in Annandale, VA

Your Coach: Annette Reeder

The Biblical Nutritionist

Today my calendar is filled meeting with people who are ready to truly experience God's recipe for excellent health.

This starts by recognizing how the world has convoluted God's Word and watered down the truths of who we are in Christ.

I get to see the Ah-Ha moment take shape in each person as we go through God's Word and see how we have not trusted Him in our health.

When this is learned FIRST, the nutrition makes sense! 

People from around the world are reaching out for the answers. Answers I discovered - not in the textbooks from my Bachelor of Nutrition degree; but answers in God's Word!

You must BE well to SERVE well!
Start Today
Your health: physical, mental, emotional
 and spiritual matter!

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