Become a Biblical Wellness Ambassador

Teach God's Recipe for excellent health


an authorized messenger or representative who desires to lead a transformation

Have you reaped the benefits of Annette's teachings? Do you wish you could share the same wisdom with the community God has placed you in? Now you can!

A Biblical Wellness Ambassador is ready to lead their church or group into the life transformations of biblical wellness.

We are training people across the globe to help people gain the health God delivers plus give you the tools to make that possible.

As a Biblical Wellness Ambassador - you will have access to all the materials to lead a wellness revolution in your church.

Materials such as Cooking Class programs, healthy living Bible studies, 40 Day Transformations and even the Daniel Fast! Plus so much more to come.

This is a missing piece in churches today. There is a gap between spiritual teaching and physical teaching. We bridge the gap and help you make the connection.

Bible Study Resources

A Biblical Wellness Ambassador, has access to the resources necessary to teach groups of all sizes God's recipe for excellent health! 

Resources like:

  • Leader Guides
  • Access to Videos
  • Power Points
  • Ideas to Make the Study Interactive
  • Cooking Class lessons with devotions and video guides
  • Digital Downloads of Handouts and Promotional Material
  • A Private Facebook Group to Connect with Other Ambassadors & Coaches

Become a Biblical Wellness Ambassador

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